Prominent People in Education

After reading this article, I chose 3 people that I feel to be prominent in education technology over the years.

My first choice is Charles Babbage. He created the first mechanical machine. This mechanical machine is referred to as the analytical engine. It was the first computer but it was not a personal computer. The analytical engine did help to lead to the development of personal computers.


I believe that both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are very important people when it comes to education technology. Together they created the first personal computers. They were alos Co-founders of the Apple Computer Corporation.

My final choice for the most prominent people in education technology in my opinion is Bill Gates. Bill Gates actually dropped out of Harvard to start/develop the Microsoft Company with Paul Allen. Thanks to him we now have many products of Microsoft on our computers to help us with now everyday things like writing a paper, doing a spreadsheet, or even making a powerpoint presentation.


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